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Signature Gown Preservation is the premiere, concierge bridal gown preservation service, caring for the greater Charlotte area for over 50 years. Just give us a call and we will pick up your gown. We clean it and preserve it entirely by hand using our time-proven process. We then return your gown to you at your convenience. We treat each gown with the attention of a priceless heirloom, because they are. No one in Charlotte can match our service or attention to detail. Call today to schedule your service:

Preserve Your Dress For Future Generations

Betty Originally Wore Here Gown In 1951

Betty Had Her Dress Preserved & Handed it down To Tonya

Tonya Took Betty's Dress And Wore It For Her Wedding In 1997

Tonya Then Had The Dress Cleaned & Preserved & Is Waiting to Hand It Down Again.

Exceptional Gowns Require Exceptional Care

Our cleaning and preservation service is time proven, patent-pending, and done entirely by hand in our facility here in Charlotte, North Carolina. We personally return your gown in a completely acid-free container with an ultraviolet protective window. While each dress is insured for over $20,000, we have never needed the policy. We handle the entire process from start to finish, so all you have to do is call to schedule your pick-up. In over 50 years of service, we’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering the highest quality and service the industry has to offer.

We aren’t the biggest, just the best.

Gowns we service include but are not limited to: